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Security Solutions

cryptlib security solutions allow developers to add world-class security services to their software applications, quickly and cost-effectively.  The toolkit is specifically designed to minimise the input required from the development team.  cryptlib saves valuable development time and resources, which translates into a significant decrease in programming time, speeds application and product time-to-market, and ultimately, reduces project cost.

Security Solutions from Security Experts

cryptlib was designed by security experts, but not exclusively for security experts.  It’s highly efficient and has been rigorously tested across a wide range of operating systems and platforms over a period of nearly two decades. The software has been deployed and proven in many different sectors, and our clients state that it’s the only security software development toolkit they’d ever need.

Business owners and managers often overlook the considerable cost, time and complexity involved in completing security projects successfully in-house. They over-estimate the ability of their technical staff to execute the security solutions component in a very specialised and crucial part of their application or product.  Internal security costs incurred are damaging to the business, as they also prevent the developer from working on productive tasks more suited to their skill set.

Layered security services

cryptlib developers access a series of ‘layered’ security services according to their needs and capabilities.  At the highest level, there are extremely powerful and easy-to-use functions such as: ‘encrypt a message’ or ‘create a digital certificate’ that requires no knowledge of encryption techniques, or the underlying algorithms.  cryptlib takes care of the key management, data encoding, en/decryption and digital signature processing automatically.  By using just a handful of function calls, cryptlib makes very efficient use of developer time, and provides a considerable advantage over other commercially available products.

Time tested security solutions

cryptlib users can approach their security projects with confidence, knowing that they are deploying expert-designed, robust and time-tested security solutions. You’ll find an in-depth technical manual available for download along with the software.

cryptlib Pricing

cryptlib security solutions are competitively priced and easily licensed compared to its rivals. We take a flexible approach, often adapting the license model to the customer’s requirements rather than the other way around.  This means that we are always cost-competitive, and our clients have a real input into the final licensing arrangement.  Please contact the cryptlib sales team for a specific quotation and more details.

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cryptlib allows developers to quickly add world-class security services to their software applications.

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