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It is strongly recommended that you always use the latest release of cryptlib, which will include enhancements and improvements over the previously available versions. A 370 page user’s guide and manual is also available below which is distributed separately from the code.

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Current cryptlib 3.4.6 Release 
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Cryptlib Manual

cryptlib is distributed in Zip format which can be extracted on all target operating systems. Before working with it, you should read at least the Installation section of the manual, which covers details on installing the software on different platforms (on Unix systems you need to unzip with the -a option).

There is a very low volume mailing list available that covers cryptlib development and usage and implementation details. To subscribe, send mail to the list administrator with the words “subscribe Cryptlib” in the message body. You should receive a reply informing you that you’ve been added to the list.

cryptlib 3.4.3, and by extension all earlier versions, have been end-of-life’d. Anyone who has a support contract for cryptlib 3.4.3 will continue to receive support until the contract is up for renewal, after which you must upgrade to the current release. Anyone without a support contract will no longer be able to receive support for 3.4.3 or earlier versions.

Please read the cryptlib licensing terms to ensure you comply with the usage and distribution requirements

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