S/MIME Secure Email Systems

cryptlib employs the IETF-standardised Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS, formerly called PKCS #7) format as its native data format. CMS is the underlying format used in the S/MIME secure mail standard, as well as a number of other standards covering secure EDI and related systems like HL7 medical messaging and the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for services like Internet telephony and instant messaging.

S/MIME Secure Email Systems

The complexity of the S/MIME format means that the few other toolkits that are available require a high level of programmer knowledge of S/MIME processing issues. In contrast cryptlib’s enveloping interface makes the process as simple as pushing raw data into an envelope and popping the processed data back out, a total of three function calls, plus one more call to add the appropriate encryption or signature key.

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