Why use cryptlib Security Software?

At least 10 Good Reasons to use cryptlib

  1. cryptlib allows developers to quickly add world-class security services to their software applications and apply robust embedded systems security and enhanced SCADA cybersecurity.
  2. cryptlib is easy to use. Developers need only learn a single API to master SSH, SSL, TLS, S/MIME, PGP, OpenPGP, and PKI security services.
  3. All levels of cryptlib developers can approach their security projects with confidence, knowing that they are deploying expert-designed, robust and time-tested security solutions. cryptlib is a high-quality security software solution, fully supported by an experienced technical team, unlike some other open-source toolkits, where technical support is minimal, or non-existent.
  4. cryptlib is written and maintained by a small, expert team, not a large corporation intent on securing on-going consulting revenue. Our staff are professional in their approach and customer-focused. We offer technical support and advice on complex security projects way beyond any standard ‘support-desk’ level. This means our business and technical objectives are closely aligned, and it is in our best interests to have clients up and running with cryptlib as soon as possible.
  5. cryptlib is vendor, channel and platform independent. We do not tie the user into a specific hardware platform, or insist on the maintenance of vendor or channel relationships. This offers the user significant portability and flexibility.
  6. cryptlib is available for free download and evaluation at any time. There is no charge for development seats, only for a commercial deployment of the software.
  7. cryptlib is widely used and has received glowing testimonials and references from a range of clients in a number of different sectors in many countries.
  8. The cryptlib software intellectual property rights are fully owned by Digital Data Security Limited, a private, New Zealand-based and registered limited liability company that has been trading successfully for over 20 years.
  9. The cryptlib software is OSI Certified Open Source Software. OSI Certified is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.
  10. cryptlib is cost-effective. It saves valuable development time and resource, and delivers peace-of-mind to developers, managers and business owners alike. cryptlib sets the standard for security software development tools and is truly the developer’s choice.
Why use cryptlib Security Software?

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cryptlib allows developers to quickly add world-class security services to their software applications.

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